(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
adj. clear-cut, plain, sharp, understandable; fair, unclouded, cloudless, fine; open, evident; lucid, pellucid, transparent, limpid; liquid, pure, silvery; innocent. — v. clarify; extricate, free; realize, make; acquit, exonerate, absolve.
Ant., opaque, obscure.
- clear up - clear out
(Roget's IV) modif.
1. [Open to the sight or understanding]
Syn. explicit, plain, manifest; see obvious 1 , 2 .
2. [Offering little impediment to vision]
Syn. transparent, crystalline, translucent, lucid, pure, apparent, pellucid, limpid, crystal, thin, crystal clear, unobstructed; see also open 1 , 2 .
Ant. opaque*, dark, muddy.
3. [Unclouded]
Syn. sunny, cloudless, bright, rainless; see fair 3 .
4. [Discernible]
Syn. distinct, precise, sharp; see definite 2 .
5. [Freed from legal charges]
Syn. free, guiltless, cleared, exonerated, blameless, innocent, uncensurable, sinless, exculpated, dismissed, discharged, absolved.
Ant. accused, charged*, blamed.
6. [Audible]
Syn. loud enough to be heard, distinct, definite; see audible .
in the clear*,
Syn. guiltless, not suspected, cleared, exonerated; see free 2 , innocent 1 , pardoned .
Syn.- clear suggests freedom from cloudiness, haziness, muddiness, etc., either literally or figuratively [ a clear liquid, clear logic ] ; transparent suggests such clearness that objects on the other side (or by extension, meanings, etc.) may be seen distinctly [ plate glass is transparent , a transparent lie ] ; translucent implies the admission of light, but so diffused that objects on the other side cannot be clearly distinguished [ stained glass is translucent] ; pellucid suggests the sparkling clearness of crystal [ a slab of pellucid ice, pellucid writing ] v.
1. [To free from uncertainty]
Syn. clear up, relieve, clarify; see explain .
2. [To free from obstacles]
Syn. disentangle, rid, unloose, unblock; see free 2 , open 2 , remove 1 .
3. [To free from contents]
Syn. clean, unload, unpack, evacuate; see empty 1 , 2 , remove 1 .
4. [To free from guilt]
Syn. acquit, discharge, get off the hook*; see absolve , excuse , free 1 , release .
5. [To profit]
Syn. realize, net, make; see profit 2 , receive 1 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
1. clean wipe, tidy, sweep, free, empty, open, rid, remove, liberate, disentangle.
2. exonerate liberate, free, *let off the hook, release, find innocent, absolve, exculpate, acquit, vindicate, *restore one's good name.
3. pass over miss, *make, steer clear of, hurdle, vault.
4. clear up clarify, illuminate, explain, elucidate.
ANT.: 1. mess up, soil, tangle. 2. find guilty, incriminate. 3. hit, catch. 4. obfuscate, confuse, muddle
1. apparent understandable, clear-cut, obvious, perspicuous, crystal-clear, plain, lucid, transparent, incontrovertible, evident, comprehensible, explicit, unmistakable.
2. unobstructed open, free, unblocked, unclogged, unhindered, unobstructed, empty.
3.transparent crystal, glassy, see-through, diaphanous, pellucid, translucent, limpid.
ANT.: 1. unclear, hazy, foggy, fuzzy, incomprehensible. 2. obstructed, blocked, hindered, jammed. 3. opaque, cloudy, fuzzy
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I adjective 1. Free from clouds or mist, for example: cloudless, fair, fine1, sunny, unclouded. See CLEAR. 2. Free from what obscures or dims: crystal clear, crystalline, limpid, lucid, pellucid, see-through, transparent. See CLEAR. 3. Admitting light so that objects beyond can be seen: crystal clear, crystalline, limpid, lucid, pellucid, see-through, translucent, transparent. See CLEAR. 4. Free from flaws or blemishes: flawless, unblemished, unmarked. See BEAUTIFUL. 5. Free from obstructions: free, open, unblocked, unimpeded, unobstructed. See OPEN. 6. Readily seen, perceived, or understood: apparent, clear-cut, crystal clear, distinct, evident, manifest, noticeable, observable, obvious, patent, plain, pronounced, visible. See SEE. 7. Clearly defined; not ambiguous: distinct, sharp, unambiguous, unequivocal, unmistakable. See CLEAR. 8. Easily seen through due to a lack of subtlety: broad, obvious, patent, plain, unmistakable, unsubtle. See CLEAR, SEE. 9. Without any doubt: clear-cut, decided, definite, distinct, pronounced, unquestionable. See CERTAIN. 10. Clearly, fully, and sometimes emphatically expressed: categorical, clear-cut, decided, definite, explicit, express, positive, precise, specific, unambiguous, unequivocal. See CLEAR. 11. Freed from contact or connection: free. See FREE, STRIKE. 12. Containing nothing: bare, blank, empty, vacant, vacuous, void. See FULL. II verb 1. To become brighter or fairer. Also used with up: brighten, lighten1. See CLEAR. 2. To make clear or clearer. Also used with up: clarify, elucidate, illuminate, illustrate. Idiom: shed (or throw) light on (or upon). See CLEAR. 3. To rid of obstructions: free, open, unblock. See OPEN. 4. To make or keep (an area) clean and orderly. Also used with up: clean (up), neaten (up), police, spruce (up), straighten (up), tidy (up). See ORDER. 5. To free from an entanglement: disengage, disentangle, disinvolve, extricate, untangle. See FREE. 6. To remove the contents of: clean out, empty (out), evacuate, vacate, void. See FULL. 7. To free from or cast out something objectionable or undesirable: disburden, disembarrass, disencumber, release, relieve, rid, shake off, throw off, unburden. Slang: shake. See KEEP. 8. To destroy all traces of: abolish, annihilate, blot out, eradicate, erase, exterminate, extinguish, extirpate, kill1, liquidate, obliterate, remove, root1 (out or up), rub out, snuff out, stamp out, uproot, wipe out. Idioms: do away with, make an end of, put an end to. See HELP, MAKE. 9. To free from a charge or imputation of guilt: absolve, exculpate, exonerate, vindicate. Law: acquit, purge. See LAW. 10. To pass by or over safely or successfully: hurdle, negotiate, surmount. See THRIVE. 11. To set right by giving what is due: discharge, liquidate, pay (off or up), satisfy, settle, square. See PAY. 12. To make as income or profit: bring in, draw, earn, gain, gross, net2, pay, produce, realize, repay, return, yield. See MONEY. 13. To be accepted or approved: carry, pass. See ACCEPT. pher, explain, resolve, solve, unravel. Informal: dope out, figure out. Idiom: get to the bottom of. See ASK, REASON. III adverb Informal. To the fullest extent: absolutely, all, altogether, completely, dead, entirely, flat, fully, just, perfectly, quite, thoroughly, totally, utterly, well2, wholly. Informal: clean. Idioms: in toto, through and through. See BIG, LIMITED.

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